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[fall limited sale] Autumn colored leaves sleet (sleet) giblet hotpot

Autumn colored leaves sleet (sleet) giblet hotpot

It is day when the lingering summer heat is severe, but it is September with calendar still more from today.
Is ahead of autumn when one pair is early, from today September 1 to November 30,
We sell annual "autumn colored leaves sleet (sleet) giblet hotpot" every year!

Strong soy sauce serves plentiful sleet and mizuna greens in autumn taste, shiitake and shimeji to soup of base,
While Japanese radish and shiitake and high quality taste that begins to melt because we have eat, and they advance, we add depth to soup.

Furthermore, we attached autumn color with carrot which modelled colored leaves.
Both taste and appearance are giblet hotpot which can taste autumn entirely.

As it is autumn taking in advance that one pair is early, but becomes limited sale in fall until November,
Please appreciate on gathering of neighborhood!

Fall-limited "autumn colored leaves sleet (sleet) giblet hotpot"
 1,580 yen (tax-excluded)
 ※20 meals-limited a day
 ※We accept than two portions.
 ※Price may vary according to stores.

[sale period]
Until from Friday, September 1, 2017 to Thursday, November 30, 2017

Autumn colored leaves sleet (sleet) giblet hotpot is 20 meals-limited a day!
We recommend reservation before visit!

Reservation of each Koganeya shop