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Of Tokyo [Hakata Motsunabe and charcoal fire horumonyaki Koganeya]

The starting point of Koganeya
There is popular long-established store which runs store specializing in beef giblet hotpot in Fukuoka Hakata for many years. Since the opening time, our thought to want you to eat the taste not to be removed from the premises to more people was the starting point of "Koganeya".
Feelings of Koganeya
"Meal" "Person" become this "well" literally.
"Healthy dainty food" is using ingredients which are necessary in keeping health and beauty and meal which can have it deliciously.
As for Koganeya continuing with "healthy dainty food", as for the meat, as for domestic production, the salt, natural halite, oil use vegetable oil. In addition, as for the meat staying good, as for the calorie, a half of beef ribs, vitamin C, vitamin B complex are fully approximately 15 times of beef ribs collagen. It may be right said that it is ingredient appropriate for healthy dainty food. Giblet hotpot of Koganeya uses plentiful vegetables and can consume nutrients such as aricine to make vitamin C, dietary fiber, metabolism in a good balance.
Various special dishes dishes of other Koganeya support the eating habits that they got of Balance of customer.

"Koganeya specially made giblet hotpot" was introduced with "CanCam (yap) February, 2017 issue"!

>>[net low] taste of true store is ordered by home! We present for Koganeya PT500 Japanese yen by new sign-in! The Rakuten ID settlement has been introduced, too
※We do not link point of available "Koganeya PT application" with Koganeya, god of beauty chicken.